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One-24 Review

One-24 is a health and wellness company in the network marketing industry having launched in 1980. The company was founded by MarK Seyforth, and Mark Seyforth has had a great deal of success in network marketing. One-24 says it has a new outlook on work, declaring that one can work just part-time without much exertion and be able to retire in two years. Their main product is called Natraburst, a superfood which can be added to dairy products in a powdered form.

The compensation plan was developed by Seyforth and is said to be quite an attractive offer. The plan offers different levels known as the silver, green, gold and platinum levels which makes up their ' one4 compensation plan '. Their theory is that with this plan anyone can join and make money. Nevertheless, because of the fact that they are in the very diverse multi level marketing industry there has not been one shred of proof that one can actually retire in two years with MINIMUM effort. Some say that perhaps, that is one of the reasons people have been a little slower in regards to joining One-24. Even though Seyforth has quite a few years of experience in this arena, only time will be able to reveal the truth of the matter meaning can one really retire in record time with little effort?

All in all, if you really have an interest in joining and you want to grow your One-24 business, you're going to need to work at least hard enough to reach any kind of level of success on any terms. Most companies advise their representatives to try to sell to their friends and family which is known as your warm market. However, now a days that approach is considered to be ' old school ' marketing techniques. If you're serious in this day and age about growing your business you're going to have to learn how to leverage the most powerful tool on the planet and that is the internet. Trying to sell to your family and friends isn't such a good idea as you will find that those will most likely be the people who could have a hard time being upfront with you because of your personal relationship.

As a result, you may not get the honest answers you are seeking. Also, what happens when you run out of family members and friends to try to sell to? You simply will not know enough people in order to grow your business on a large scale. Secondly handing out flyer's, giving out business cards and driving to home parties is an expensive waste of time and money. Those old school techniques are no longer working because you're lucky now a days if you even know your neighbors The new school techniques of placing your business in front of millions of people everyday, world wide is key. However, one must be very cautious regarding who they listen to as mentors and teachers as well. Using caution in all areas of your business is essential.